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Here's how it works

A stage plan consists of a setup of the instruments and microphones on stage, a list of channels, the desired monitor mix and the line-up of your band. It is intended to provide technicians and stage managers with an advanced overview of the way your band operates from a technical perspective. MyStagePlan is the only website in the world that allows you to create a fully customizable, professional stage plan at just €2.99, exportable in a convenient PDF format.

What can I do on MyStagePlan?

  • Setting up your ideal stage: positioning your instruments, amplifiers, microphones, monitors, etc.
  • Entering the line-up, channel lists and special remarks.
  • Downloading your stage plan in PDF format and/or printing it directly.
  • Accessing your personal account to access, modify and print your stage plan.
  • Creating multiple stage plans with different setups (e.g. an acoustic set or a set including a horn section).
  • Stage managers, technicians and tour promoters can search the site for your stage plan (provided you flagged it as a public stage plan during the last step of its creation).

Here's how it works

  1. Create a band account.
  2. Create a new stage plan. Enter a unique name for your stage plan, e.g., acoustic setup or default setup. Your band name will be displayed on the final stage plan.
  3. Continue to the payment portal.
  4. Add band members, instruments, monitors, what you want to hear on your monitor groups, the channel list and any comments.
  5. Once you have paid you can download, view and modify the stage plan under My StagePlans.
  6. Would you like to add another stage plan containing another band setup? Then create a new stage plan for just €2.99.
  7. While editing your stage plan, click the (?) icons for more information.

Payment options

MyStagePlan uses Ogone to accept payments. This system supports a range of payment options including credit cards, PayPal and iDEAL.

Technical glossary

Many technical terms are used on and around the stage that will crop up in the stage plan. We have created an overview of these terms and their matching descriptions in our technical glossary.

Comprehensive technical information on the stage plan

For more information on stage plans and the technical aspects of playing live on a stage, consult this article.

Please report to our support section if you have any questions.

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